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One Heart: Abortion and Euthanasia Recap!


What we believe:

- Catholics for-life. We believe human life is sacred at every moment of existence including the initial phase before birth (CCC2258).

- The Church teaches that personhood begins at conception and it is backed up by biology. A pre-born child is human, living, unique, and complete, and has the capabilities to grow like you and I.

Tools to share with others

1. SLED Method

The differences between born and pre-born people and why some people think they aren't human beings: - SIZE - LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT - ENVIRONMENT - DEGREE OF DEPENDENCY Though these differences exist, we would never say that these differences determine our value. We would never use these differences to discriminate against each other. Abortion is age discrimination. A pre-born child cannot do the things we can. This is true. But not because of WHAT he or she is, but because of how OLD he or she is. The pro-life and anti-abortion position: 1) All human beings are entitled to human rights. 2) Pre-born children of human parents are human beings. 3) Therefore, abortion is wrong because it kills pre-born children who are entitled to human rights. 2. CAQ Method

- Use CAQ method, listed below, when approaching questions on abortion while always remembering to respond with love to any given situation. Here's an example of this method for another topic, the reality of poverty:

- Common ground Agree where you can, without compromising. i.e. I agree having to raise a child in poverty would be difficult.

- Analogy (or tell a story) Make an analogy by putting a toddler in the same situation. i.e. If we had a mother who gave birth to a newborn, two years later lost her job and found herself in a difficult financial position, would it be okay for her to kill her toddler?

- Questions Ask questions to bring it back to where the dialogue should be: the humanity of the pre-born child. i.e. So if we wouldn't kill a toddler because her mother is poor, why would you kill a pre-born due to financial difficulties? We are told that no unwanted child ought ever to be born. However, the truth proclaimed by the Church in the name of Christ is this no person ought to be unwanted.

Resources: Euthanasia

- “Euthanasia is the direct and intentional killing of someone who is ill or elderly, often with the intention of saving them from pain and suffering, or because their life is not seen as worth saving.” - Catechism of the Catholic Church 2277

- The world tries to convince you that once you’re not worth anything in the eyes of society, there is no point to living anymore. More and more these days, we are seeing people ending their lives, or ending others lives, before their bodies are ready to naturally pass, because some feel that it’s more merciful on those who are in pain, or because someone feels like they have no worth, and think that they can't play a valuable role in society.

- We must remember that there’s a beauty in suffering. It’s the way Jesus calls us to him - to carry our cross and follow him (Matthew 16:24). We weren’t meant to live without pain, without struggle. God guides people to him through experiences like these, and it is the strength he gives us that allow us to get through them (2 Cor. 12:9). Resources:

- Cardinal Collins' letter about euthanasia and assisted suicide: - Catechism's teaching on euthanasia: - On the Christian Meaning of Suffering:​



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