• Marc Puigmarti

One Moment: The Preferential Option For the Poor Recap!

Main points: 1) Although we cannot always give material things to the poor, we can always honour them by treating them as fellow children of God, made in His image and likeness. Some ways to do this could be engaging them in conversation, smiling at them, asking them about their life story and praying for and with them. 2) When we witness poverty in others, we are reminded that we too are poor beggars before God, most in need of His grace, mercy and love. By remembering this reality, we will better be able to accept Jesus' free gift of salvation and as a result, live out our faith with love and joy.

The photo in this post is of Jesus depicted as a homeless person. Do we recognize Christ in the poor?

Resources Novena to St. Teresa of Calcutta:



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